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11 Myths about Whiplash

1. The injury is a simple strain or sprain -- like a sprained ankle and will heal in 6-12 weeks.

2. Minor damage to the vehicle means little or no injury to the occupant.

3. The victim did not complain of pain at the scene of the accident, so if there was an injury, it must be slight.

4. Permanent injuries from a whiplash-associated disorder are very rare.

5. Since there are no objective abnormalities, the victim has no permanent injury.

6. The victim is trying to get a big settlement for a minor injury. Once compensated, the
symptoms and pain will go away.

7. The victim had a pre-existing degenerative disc disease. All medical problems are due to the pre-existing condition and are totally unrelated to the collision.

8. Men and women are equally at risk to suffer whiplash injury in a rear impact collision.

9. With a high seat back or head restraint, it is impossible to get whiplash injury.

10. The victim has continued to improve for 12 months, post accident. In another few months, he will be as good as ever.

11. A whiplash injury does not affect a person's lower back.



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