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Referred Pain Chart by N. Bogduk

Above you will see a chart outlining different pain areas commonly described by patients. Sometimes where you feel pain is not necessarily where the injury actually resides.

Take for example shoulder and back pain, denoted by the yellow area of color on the chart above. The pain being felt is localized in the shoulder blade and mid-back region, making the patient believe that they have sustained an injury to the musculature or skeletal frame in that area, depending on the circumstances that caused the injury this may or may not be true. For example, if the patient was involved in an auto accident, the pain they would be experiencing could in fact be caused by injury to the ligaments around sixth and seventh vertebrae (C6 - C7) in the cervical spine (neck).

By using this example you can see the other pain areas and how they correspond to possible injury to the cervical spine or neck. DMX® can see these injuries and allow the doctor to properly diagnose them.


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